Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Owing to the excellence of its partners, lawyers and tax consultants in the areas of Tax Law, Corporate and Family, as well as in the Financial and Accounting areas, Pereira Dabul e Advogados Associados also has a clientele of a select group of family-run businesses.

As a strategic differentiator to comply with planning, analysis take effect in all items of family assets from the real estate deed to careful study of equity and balance sheets of corporations involved, at which point our expertise in corporate and tax advisory may reveal significant tax savings

In addition to the benefits concerning succession planning and legal guarantees of perpetuity of family assets to heirs and successors, structures for family asset protection also becomes possible. Succession planning, with the vast array of areas addressed by Pereira Dabul e Advogados Associados ensures significant financial hallmark if compared to the costs and taxation resulted from probation.

Our services also include the provision of family holdings, aiming at interests through various corporate actions and contracts. Moreover, we operate in defining strategic and legal framework for the transition from the equity holder to the heirs, with maximum tax savings, in the preparation and analysis of wills and codicils, as well as in judicial and extrajudicial activities so as to accomplish voluntary partition, probation and distribution.

All aspects of family, property and business are treated exclusively by members of Pereira Dabul e Advogados Associados, who deal with such issues in a completely unique, differentiated way and with the utmost secrecy.